A sad sad day in the world of junk food

It is a sad sad day for me today in the world of junk food. My favorite childhood snack has been discontinued. I remember in the afternoons of my youth how many hours I spent sitting watching cartoons after school while enjoying as many Cheez Balls as I could stand until the can would be gone and I'd have to wait for my mom to buy some more. The greasy treat was so wonderful. I remember it was like two treats in one. First you would eat the balls, then when you were done you had at LEAST 5 fingers if you're a one hand snacker to lick clean of the great cheesy residue. You can still get a similar experience from Cheetos Puffs, but it just isn't the same. There may still be hope however. While shopping at Target, I saw a giant container of Market Pantry brand cheese balls. I don't know if they are up to par with Planters, but it was a giant container for $5 so I figure they're worth a try. I'll keep you updated!

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